• catching critters
  • snake demonstration
  • medicine ball
  • costume baby
  • cuties
  • basketball
  • ballgame
  • pool
  • minigolf
  • hayride
  • camp store
  • face painting


Rules, rules, rules… most folks hate ’em but we gotta have ’em. They’re for your safety (and ours!) and by following them, everyone will have a much more pleasurable experience!

1: No bicycle riding after sunset.

2: Check- in and out time is 3:00 p.m. Please contact the office if you wish to check in early and/or after 3:00 p.m.

3: All visitors must register at the office. Each registered camper is responsible for the conduct of their visitor(s) and for the payment of any and all fees.

4: Please observe quiet hours, 10 pm – 7 am weekdays; 10:30 pm – 7 am on weekends.

5: Pets must be securely on a leash at all times.

6: There is no lifeguard on duty at the swimming pool. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

7: Clotheslines are dangerous. Please do not string them across your campsite.

8: WOOD CANNOT BE CUT ON CAMPGROUND PROPERTY! ; Bring your own firewood or purchase it at our store. Anyone found destroying any tree or wildflower will be requested to leave.

9: Fires are permitted in provided areas only. Firepits may not be relocated.

10: The use of firearms, slingshots and other weapons is prohibited.

11: All trailbikes, minibikes, golfcarts and scooters are prohibited.

12: Charcoal burners should not be placed on picnic tables. You are responsible for any damaged tables.

13: We are required to separate recyclable items from our trash. You will be given two trash bags, the clear one is for bottles and cans, the other is for all other trash except paper. There are separate containers for each of these items at the corner of the parking lot. You can deposit your bags and paper in the containers or leave them by the road at your campsite.

14: Only one sleeping unit (tent, van, trailer, motor home, etc) is permitted on each campsite. Any additional sleeping units must be approved by management prior to being on the campsite.

15: No radios allowed on after quiet hours.

16: No washing of vehicles without management permission.